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Feature: Eva B will turn into an art gallery for the "Nuit Blanche à Montreal"

20 February 2008 - The annual cultural Bonzana that is the "Nuit Blanche à Montreal" will see a lot of the same features as in the previous years: the artist showcases at the Belgo building, the many events at the Place des Arts, the winter playground in the Vieux-Port. But there is a newcomer in the usual suspects list: the underground boutique Eva B is turning into an art gallery. The photographer Caroline Desilets will be showcasing some of her works taken with a pinhole camera, and her pictures are also reinterpreted into paintings by Ghyslain Godon. There will also be live music provided by the Ideal Lovers, Lil' Andy, Mike O'Brien and many others.

Feature: Santa's Ghetto moves to Bethlehem

Santa's Ghetto in Bethlehem - Insect

6 December 2007 - The eagerly awaited yeary fixture of awesome art print sales by P.O.W. (Pictures on Walls) has been moved to Bethlehem this year, to highlight the plight of the town that is widely recognised as the birthplace of Jesus - or was it Santa? - since the building of the security wall. This year's location took everyone by surprise, as the event was hosted in various locations in London over the previous years (I saw the one in Kingly Court a few years back). The show usually features the art of Faille, Blu, Paul Insect, Jamie Hewlett (the Gorrilaz graphic artist) and the notorious Banksy, amongst others. However this time, the artists have not only set up shop, they have let themselves loose on the great big cement canvas that is he 24-foot-high security barrier that encircles the West Bank. As Banksy explained to the Times: "It would do good if more people came to see the situation here for themselves. If it is safe enough for a bunch of sissy artists then it's safe enough for anyone". For more info on the event and some pictures of the great graffiti artists at work on the contentious wall, see If you're lucky, you might even be able to hit their online store first - once it opens, everything will sell like hot cakes!



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