The Alice Diary

30th June 2009 - 2 years!


1st March 2009 - 21 months

Now look at me! I'm all grown up and quiet and well behaved (mummy can dream, right?). However in this clip, it looks like I really am the perfect little girl, dancing for my mummy to a pretty lullaby and saying "bravo!" at the end. Aren't I adorable? ;)

2nd September 2008 - 14 months

Alloooooooo. This is me again, talking, French stylee. On this piece of archive, i'm not saying anything mummy of daddy ask me to say for the camera (i.e. translation for caca is poo). They know I can say better stuff than that, but only when I feel like it. Anyhow, I can make myself understood, words or not. See the proof!

15th April 2008 - 9.5 months

Hurrah, i've gone over step one out of baby-dom! I walk... not so good yet, but mummy is afraid i'll be running off in a week of so!

That was a good day, so here's me again being a bit of a rock n' roll chick. It made mummy incredibly proud that I showed good taste in music at such a young age (this is Band of Horses for the neophytes).

29th March 2008 - 9 months

Butterflies! Butterflies! I've just discovered butterflies! They were flying all over at the botanical gardens and I loved it! A big blue one even landed on my face but silly mummy was too busy taking photos elsewhere to catch it. Here's a few of the pics she has taken. When you see me, you'll see that I look pretty happy!

Please snow, do melt away so that I can start playing in my garden. It will be sooo much fun I can't wait.

7th March 2008 - 8.5 months

Hellooooo. I just thought posting a video of me crawling at this stage would be a bit cliché. Of course I can crawl, I can even drive mummy insane doing it so quickly that she can't keep up with me on her two legs. Plus I can stand up too, with only a bit of help from surrounding bits and bobs. But the thing that's really unique about me is that i've learnt to ride my fav chair just like I would a pony. Check out the Alicemobile.

24th January 2008 - almost 7 months old

Well am I proud or am I proud? Look at me on the pic: I got a tooth! Being my very own photogenic self, I had to show it off to mummy so that she could take a proper snap. Enjoy the view!

12th November 2007 - 4.5 months

Hiya. Today i've been good as gold. I went for some vaccines and I only cried a little bit on the 2nd one. Mummy was dead proud. The nurse lady did it in the big chubby bit of my thigh so I guess that was a good spot cos I barely felt it. I have some cute little round plasters to show for it now. I also found out that I now weigh 7.3 kg and measure 64.5 cm, which puts me in the top 15% of the tallest and biggest babies. I'm going to grow up to be a tall one (but not in a fat way of course)!

So here's me on a little video showing my new favourite pastime: eating my hands. I've been so good at comforting myself with that that I even managed to sleep for 13 hours in a row for the last 4 nights! Now, mummy and daddy are really really happy.

1st October 2007 - 3 months

Hello diary. It seems like Mummy thinks i'm a big birl now. She made me sit straight in her bed and was so amazed to see how smiley i'd got, she took a little video of it to show her friends. In fact, i've been smiling for two weeks already, and if i'm not busy crying for milk, this is my favourite thing to do at the mo. But I reserve my best smiles for just after i've done a good fart.

1st July 2007 - One-day old

Hello world! This is me, Alice Rose Smith. I was born yesterday to the delight of my mummy and daddy, as I came out real pretty right away, with long eyelashes and a smile for mummy, who worked very hard to get me out! I measured 51 cm and weighed 3.6 kg, but then I lost some weight in the first few days because I pooped lots of horrible black sticky goo, the stuff that was in my belly while I was in mummy's belly. Daddy didn't like that very much but he still loved me after changing my nappy. That was a good start.


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